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Have you ever wondered how the rest of the world beyond silicon valley innovates?

It turns out, very well. 85 startup ecosytems have created at least one billion dollar startup. And these aren’t just any startups. The largest edtech business in the world was built in India, the largest neobank in Brazil, the largest superapp in China and the largest robotic process automation company in Romania.

In [99%Tech] you can find out how.

It is a monthly round-up of exciting developments as well as some specific deep dives on certain topics I find interesting. And it is free!

A bit about me: By day, I’m a global venture capitalist, and outside of work I teach entrepreneurship and am the author of Out-Innovate (HBR Press).

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Alex Lazarow

I invest in, write about and teach global entrepreneurship. Raised on the Canadian prairie.