Jul 24 • 27M

“The advice I would give is, one, don't expect to be successful off the top.”

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In Ancient Greece’s golden age of democracy, citizens stood on a stone platform called The Pnyx (pronounced “da knicks”) to address the assembly and debate their case. Our new podcast recreates the Pnyx for modern ears in novel podcast form.
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What makes a good investor? And what makes an investor good? Whether impact investing or driving above-market returns, David Rubenstein has done it all.

In this episode, we interview the formidable Rubenstein, co- founder of The Carlyle Group. We explored the qualities of successful investors and venture capitalists, as well as what qualities make an investor similar to an artist. While this episode deviates from our usual debate format, it offers considerable insights into the world of successful VC investing. Rubenstein noted that some of the most successful investors often have a few things in common: they challenge conventional wisdom, share blue-collar backgrounds, have great educations, and have a penchant for making the final decision. Join us as we delve into the minds of exceptional investors from an exceptional investor himself.

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